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Sofa Repairs

We repair both recliners and normal sofas to a showroom standard

We at Emmiera Group know how important your sofa can be to you and your home, and thanks to 15 years of repairing them we know the best way to keep them providing the comfort they always have. All of our technicians are fully trained to repair all manner of sofas and pride themselves on the high standard of repairs they have been trained to provide.

When we take your booking we take plenty of information upfront to give our teams the best possible chance of fixing the issue the first time we visit your home. And if for whatever reason we can’t manage to fix your sofa the your home we have a brilliant transport team who will uplift your sofa and bring it back to our state of the art workshop for repairs. When we’re done we’ll contact you for the best time to return your beloved sofa.

To see more about our sofa repairs just look below.

Leather Sofa Repair

All of our Technicians are fully trained to repair leather and are able to repair faults including burns, tears, scratches, colour loss and most other issues.

If your sofa gets damaged you don’t need to throw it away or get a new one, most can be easily repaired by our experienced technicians. Each of them essentially carry around a mobile workshop in the back of their vans, stocked full of everything they’d need to fix your sofa on-site.

Spilled Something?

We’ve got you covered. For any stains or spillages like ink or nail varnish out teams are able to cover these up and recolour your furniture using special pigments guaranteed to match the original colour of the leather and restore it to show room standard. It’ll be like it never happened.

Cigarette Burns on your Sofa

Accidentally burnt a hole in your sofa? Not a problem, we know the best ways to fix the hole. If it’s a small burn/cut in the sofa we can fill in the damage and cover it up so there’s no visibility of the original damage. Or if it’s a massive burn we can re-cover the whole section with a new piece of leather to match the rest of your sofa.

Are your Sofa Seats Sagging?

We know the feeling, you go to sit down on your favourite sofa only to find you sink into it and feel like you’re sitting in a hole, or even worse you can feel the springs/mechanism below you. Not to worry, if your sofa has started sagging or gone flat through general use we can bolster the fillings to the seats, back and arm cushions to make your sofa good as new. And getting you back to the regular comfort you are used to.

Experts in ReUpholstery

We offer a full re-covering service for anyone who wants to change the look of their sofa. We have a wide range of leather cover options available for you to pick from.

Can’t find anything you like?

That’s no problem. If there’s nothing among our stock you like but you’ve found a covering somewhere else just let us know. We’ll be happy to help and use whatever you’ve found to make sure you get the sofa you deserve.


A damaged sofa doesn’t mean you have to buy a new sofa, our expert technicians are able to fix most damage that a fabric sofa can take. Each of our team carry all the essential items in their vans to ensure they can fix your sofa on the first visit.

My zipper's stuck…

Trying to change the covers on a section of your sofa yourself, or just curious what’s on the inside of your sofa and you’ve accidentally broken the zip? Our technicians have plenty of experience around zips, they know how fiddly it can be to put a zip back together. That’s why if they can’t manage to fix the zip they carry a multitude of extra zips they can sew into the area instead of the broken one.

I sat down and heard a snap.

Not all frames are made equally, especially if they’re wooden frames. Some of them will use wood that is not up to the correct standard, and you only usually find out one day when you sit down on it. We can repair the frame with top of the line wood that our technicians can cut to size there and then, making sure everything is perfect for when you next sit in comfort.

Seats feeling a little Flat

Do you sit down and sink just that little too far into the seat? It could be that the springs have lost their bounce. We can replace the springs in your sofa to give you back that bounce and get you back to sitting comfortably.

It’s like I’m sat on a wooden board.

After so long a sofas cushions can become compacted, making the seats feel harder than they should be. Our technicians carry a wide range of foams so they can fill up your cushions back to how you want it, or if it’s that bad, replace the foam altogether.

Fabric Sofa Reupholstery

If you want a new look for your room without spending massive amounts of money on a new sofa just let us know, it’s the same for our leather sofas. Pick a fabric you want, either from our collection or from somewhere else, and we’ll re-cover your sofa for you.

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